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Andrew and Kristyn


For more information, contact adoption social worker Jazmin Lamar by email at  or by phone at 414-246-2725.

Family Information

Full Names: Kristyn & Andrew

Andrew, 32 years old 

Education:  Bachelor of Science in Information Resources from University of Wisconsin – Milwaukee

Occupation:  Sr. Technical Specialist for a large bank

Kristyn, 33 years old

Education: Bachelor’s of Arts in Psychology from University of Wisconsin – Milwaukee

Occupation: Business Analyst for a local hospital (works part-time)

Married: 8 years

Children: No children

Religion: Catholic

Child Care Plans: Immediately after placement, Kristyn will take 3 months leave from work and Andrew will take 1 month leave.  Afterwards, Kristyn will return to work part-time, so she can continue caring for our child and we will use a combination of state-licensed day-care and grandparents to help bridge the gaps. Andrew can easily work from home, when needed, and he also has a generous sick-time policy.

Pets and Names: We don’t have any pets.

Ethnicity:  Italian/German/Polish (Kristyn); Italian/German/English/Welsh (Andrew)


City Type: Suburb

Years lived here: 8

We live in southeastern Wisconsin in a quiet, suburban neighborhood filled with other families. There is an elementary school, playground, and park with tennis courts, volleyball courts, basketball courts, and a baseball diamond within walking distance from our home.  A few miles down the road are some organic farms, farms with horses, and a tree-lined county bike trail, perfect for family walks.

We live in a two-story, three-bedroom home with a natural fireplace perfect for relaxing in front of on cold winter days.  Our deck off the back of the house opens into a large backyard with plenty of room to run and play; it is also perfect for cookouts and family gatherings. 

Family Traditions

Holidays: We have many different traditions and we look forward to starting new ones with our children, but some of our favorites are:

  • We hang stockings over the fireplace for St. Nick to fill with candy, fruit, and toys.
  • Before Christmas, we always spend a weekend baking cookies to share with our neighbors.
  • Christmas Eve is spent with family enjoying a traditional dinner, while Christmas morning is when we open presents under the tree.
  • For Easter, the Easter Bunny leaves paw prints to help find the hidden eggs; then we have Easter brunch with family. 
  • Traditional corned beef and cabbage dinner for St. Patrick’s day

Vacations: We both grew up taking family vacations and it’s important to continue that with our children. We visit Kristyn’s family in New York and Mississippi. We’ve been many places: Florida, Boston, South Dakota, North Carolina but one of our favorite vacation spots is Colorado with its beautiful mountains. We can’t wait to take our children on a family vacation to Disney World.

Family Gatherings: Birthdays are a big celebration in Andrew’s family; when it’s your birthday, you can choose the restaurant for dinner and a special dessert for all to enjoy.  We also enjoy seeing our 8 nieces and nephews throughout the year, especially when we get to support their sports, music, and dance activities.

Others:  We’re very warm and inviting; our belief is that there is always room for one more at the table.  We enjoy cooking and baking good food and always have enough to share with others.  When you’re in our home, we want everyone to feel like they’re part of the family.

Family Favorites





“Where the Sidewalk Ends” by Shel Silverstein

“Paranoia” by Joseph Finder







TV Show: 

Modern Family

Person of Interest


Cooking, baking and running

Running, cooking, and listening to Brewers games










Other: Holiday



Adoption Preferences

Issues We Are Open to Discussing: Alcohol use prior to knowledge of pregnancy Drug use prior to knowledge of pregnancy Clinical depression in birthparents Limited or no information about birthfather

Ethnicity: Caucasian /Asian /Hispanic /Mixed (Caucasian/Black/Asian/Hispanic/Native American)

Ongoing contact: Open to all forms of contact (Letter and Photos/In-Person Visits)

Open to states other than Wisconsin? Yes

Dear Expectant Parent,

Thank you for taking the time to read our letter; we truly appreciate your commitment to finding the right family for your child.  We’re excited about open adoption because it gives us the chance to meet you, hear your story, and learn about your goals, talents, likes and dislikes.  We believe that “family” isn’t just who you’re related to; it’s made up of everyone in your life who love and support you.  We look forward to meeting you and including you in our family, if you’re open to that.

We’re Kristyn and Andrew; we met in high school when we were 15 years old and we’ve been together ever since (we’ve been married for 8 years). We are both very active and enjoy running, playing tennis, doing yoga and hiking. We are also passionate about cooking and love trying new recipes. We believe eating family meals together is important because it’s a time for everyone to slow down, enjoy a home-cooked meal, and share stories about their day.

Andrew works in risk technology for a large bank. He’s a loving husband who is smart, works hard, and enjoys learning new things.  Andrew is humble, patient, and kind; he looks forward to becoming a dad so he can share his knowledge and love of baseball with his children.  Kristyn works in business intelligence at a local hospital.  She is a very strong, compassionate, and determined woman who is supportive and protective of her friends and family.  Ever since Kristyn was a little girl, she’s dreamed of being a mother and can’t wait for that day to come.

We have always wanted children; when we were dating, we planned what it would be like to have a family, how we would celebrate holidays and where we would take family vacations. After years of trying to get pregnant and struggling through fertility treatments and multiple miscarriages, we’re hopeful that we will become parents through adoption. We’re eager to start our family through open adoption because it allows us and the child an opportunity to build a special connection with you.  

Thank you for considering us; we can’t wait to begin this journey together.

Kristyn & Andrew

For more information, contact adoption social worker Jazmin Lamar by email at  or by phone at 414-246-2725.

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