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Bulgarian Adoptions

We began working in Bulgaria in 2013.  Although this is a fairly new country for us, our contact agency in Bulgaria has been working with international adoptions to the United States for over 12 years. We are an Accredited Adoption Service Provider by the Department of Justice in Bulgaria.  We work in partnership with Happy Family, NGO to find safe and loving families for children in Bulgaria. Bulgaria is part of the Hague Adoption Convention.

Eligibility Criteria

  • There must be at least 15 years age difference between the adoptive parents and the child being adopted. Preferably there should be no more than a 45-year age difference between the parents and the child desired (exceptions can be made for children with special needs)
  • Married couples, single women, or single men are accepted
  • Applicants must clear criminal history and child abuse background checks

Children Available

  • Children are over the age of two
  • Both boys and girls
  • Mainly children of Roma or Turkish descent
  • Healthy children and children with a wide range of special needs

Travel Requirements

  • A total of two trips.
  • First trip: Parents will spend five days bonding with the child
  • Second trip: One parent must travel back to Bulgaria for approximately one week to bring the child home. During this trip parents will spend two to three days in Sofia to obtain a visa for your child from the U.S. embassy.

Wait Time

  • Two to three years if open to a healthy boy or girl under the age of three
  • One to two years if open to a child with special needs, a child over the age of five, or siblings

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