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Looking to Adopt

Ciara thought no one wanted her - until Greg and Joelle Scheithauer of Ogema, WI, asked her to be their daughter. They are now a forever family.

With years of experience bringing together forever families, our adoption counselors help adoptive parents, of any religious background, discover their future children. We make the life-changing connections needed to give children who are available for adoption the love, stability and care they need. Our process ultimately benefits everyone, from a newborn who finds parents who are able to raise a child, to an older child who has the opportunity to become part of a loving, forever family. 

Our counselors can be your partner as you work through the steps to complete these types of adoptions:

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We're here to help

We've assisted expectant parents and adoptive parents for more than 100 years. This means we throughly understand the entire adoption process, as well as the feelings and emotions involved. Each year, our adoption counselors, who are licensed professionals or certified social workers, help hundreds of birthparents and adoptive parents. 

We train and employ all of our adoption staff, assuring you easy access to continued support. In addition, our staff members have formal education and experience in pregnancy counseling, adoption and working with children and families. We are licensed as a Child Placing Agency by the state of Wisconsin, and are accrediated by the Council on Accrediation. We are also the largest, not-for-profit child-placing agency in Wisconsin and Upper Michigan. 


Ready to Learn More? 

We offer free adoption informational meetings, both one-on-one and in large group settings. The meetings are hosted by one of our adoption workers who shares details on both domestic and international adoption programs, eligibility requirements, timing and costs. During the meetings, you'll have the chance to ask any questions and learn more about different options and which one might be right for you, with no obligation or cost.

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Open Doors to a Match

To adopt domestically, you must meet certain qualifications, pass a home assessment and create portfolios filled with photos and family information. (View other portfolios here.) We offer two domestic adoption programs, each with different requirements: domestic agency adoptions and independent domestic adoptions. Couples interested in domestic agency adoption must be married for at least one year and commit to raising the child in a two-parent household. The independent domestic adoption program is open to both individuals and couples, even those married less than a year. (Learn about international adoption requirements.) We also require that families are financially stable and can provide a secure environment to raise children. 

Expectant parents select a group of families they'd like to learn more about and view their extensive portfolios before we arrange in-person meetings between one selected family and the expectant parents. When all parties agree to proceed, our counselors will guide the creation of an adoption plan. 

Throughout the adoption process, our social workers help birth parents and adoptive parents navigate the legal adoption process. After each adoption, we offer support groups and guidance to help smooth the transition for everyone involved - and keep the love connection going strong. 

Services for Adoptive Parents

  • Education and counseling
  • Qualification for adoption
  • Home assessment
  • Portfolio direction and assistance
  • Coordination of meetings
  • Legal navigation and support
  • Bridge care after the birth
  • Continuing support groups

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Learn more about adoption thorugh LSS in our Adoption Services brochure.

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