LSS New Management of Two Waukesha Programs

January 14, 2013 -- LSS Assumes Management of Two Waukesha County Programs

On January 1, LSS assumed responsibility of two programs in downtown Waukesha. The programs are Friendships Unlimited (founded in 1984) and Spring City Corner Clubhouse (opened in 1999).  The programs were previously administered through St. Amelian-Lakeside. Both programs serve adults with mental illness and fit well with work LSS is doing in similar programs across the state such as Positive Avenues, Off the Square Club, and Wellspring. 

These programs add strength to existing LSS programs through their recovery focus, innovative use of Certified Peer Specialists and member-driven programming.  Additionally, Friendships Unlimited and Spring City Corner Clubhouse share a strong partnership with Waukesha County which adds to the partnership LSS enjoys in Waukesha as well. LSS looks forward to building on the successes already achieved through these programs as we grow and work together into the future.

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